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18K Limited Edition
Elegance never fades
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Spring Summer 18'
Premium Collection
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Optic Collection
When style meets comfort
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Limited Edition
Making a mark on 2018 with our 18K special edition. Clean Scandinavian lines with 18K gold plate to underline the beautiful handcraft and give you the feeling of sophistication and style. In line with this year’s fashion trends, the 10 different models vary from classic frames to angular and tiny shapes. High quality colorful lenses and exciting new propositions lets you choose your individual style.
Unique style and premium quality defines this collection. Handcrafted with acetate or metal frames and high-quality lenses that ensures optimum comfort and clarity.
The perfect balance between fashion and functionality. BlueBlock™ PC reading glasses protects against BLUE LIGHT from LED lighting and computer screens.
Fresh, classic silhouettes with a modern edge, these are easy and fun to wear, making a fashion statement while protecting your eyes - the perfect accessory for every fashionable man or woman.
Casual Collection